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22 June 2007 @ 02:20 pm
Ah...I haven't post since a very long time, neh? 

Well, it's been tough being a freshmen in HS, and getting loads of work from Bio CP class, thus caused me a great deal of stress.  Pulls hair.  I've been drinking lots of orange tea bags from the counter to calm myself.  There wer a lot of them tea bags but now that I look at it, there's only a couple left.  Probably enough to last this Sat and Sunday.  I'll have to go buy some more. Pahhhh. 

I'm so glad that it's summer!  No bio homework, no Ms. Cotta's high pitch voice and repeating spanish words, and no more Mr. Flanders lazy butt teacher.  I swear, Mr. Flanders is most procrastinator teacher I ever gotten for math class.  It takes him months, yes MONTHS, just to finish our tests and hand them back.  I probably didn't receive two of my other tests.  He probably lost them anyway.  Messy teacher too.  But, still have a good sense of humor I guess. 

I do, however, miss my friends though.  I miss them very much. Called Jessy two days ago and we're going to get together next week! I'm excited.  And then there's Helene who stopped talking to me because of strange reasons I can't understand.  EVery time I try talking with her, it'll be like 30 minutes later and she says she have to go.  Weird, since we usually talk for hours! 

For this whole month I've been downloading loads of mangas to read from different forums.  Some are good and most are bad.  So I need some manga recs right now.  

And I'm also watching asian dramas.  Recently an hour ago, I finished watching a Dorama called Beautiful Life.  Pretty good to watch if you like watching tear jerkers.  I liked it very much.  Rating I'll give would be a 9/10 because sometimes Kyouko can be a bit annoying. But I understand. 

I also watched Attention Please!  The girl can be a bit selfish a times but she made up for it so I was happy with the whole series. Got comedy mixed in with romance and drama. 

Now, I'm debating wheather I should watch another Jdrama, Pride or a Kdrama, My Girl?  I haven't finished the series and only watched in between episodes with my Grandma since I have to translate half the time she was watching the series.  I'm pushing it to My Girl, but a part of me wanted to see Pride too. Dunno, but I'll come to a decision tonight.  hehe...

I've been so busy with drama watching my room is a mess!  Cups and plates are all over the bookshelves and on the floor are newspaper from last week!  LOL.  Well, I'm those creative type person so what can you expect? To be clean and tidy all day would just kill me because I can't seem to find things when its really tidy.  

Well, got to clean my room and finish a chapter or two of revising PINEMETHEUS. 
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12 December 2006 @ 03:51 pm
its my furrecking birthday but i don't feel anything special at all. some people are making me piss and its ruining my day. i'm suddenly feeling moody for strange reasons such as homework, homework, crap, and ms. cotta. damn that teacher. i raise my hands all the time and yet all she chooses is the lame guy from last quarter who is getting better grades this quarter and sits in the back of my row.  why is it that she doesn't pick me? i'm a good student and one of the top three test taker!  she has something against me i guess.  this probably apply to all my teachers. 

and the most depressing thing is that ever since third grades i have been spending birthday times with my long times friends but now that we moved to different high schools we don't get to celebrate it anymore. so i'm basically a loner.  *sigh* wait...my one and only friend Helene did baked me four cookies, shoved into a ziplock bag.  i would've liked a more thoughtful gift such as cookies wrapped with a bow, but i can't ask for more. she's such a cool and funny friend that anything she gives is awesome. 

oh yeah, today is also Edward Munch's bday. the dude who painted a really famous painting which i forgot. 
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11 November 2006 @ 10:21 pm
celebrated hmong new year today. it was freezing cold and raining so i left for home early around 2 o'clock. didn't see any cute guys, and i was 
not enjoying myself because i had my pms + cramp. 
05 October 2006 @ 02:56 pm

SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ.  why does my comp. always freeze and when especially when I'm in a middle of typing an entry?  gosh...i'll wait for another day or so to type what i was just finishing typing.  

don't you just HATE it when your comp. freezes, and a windows pops up saying suff about warning and having two button:  send error or...turn off internet eplorer (something like that).  

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05 October 2006 @ 01:51 pm
Have my two pieces here now.  ^^  Shading is a bit off on Wonder World and I think Kiss Me one was an okay one.  I need to strengthen my skill in shading with photoshop brushes. tips are welcome! 

feedbacks are welcome!  :D
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16 September 2006 @ 08:21 pm
Larksur --

A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Wow, that's what my name means?  Awesome!!!  I'm back with livejournal.  ^^  dad agreed to put on interent once we left for school because i need it for research.  

I'd been working on a really basic CG art on one of my old drawings.  It looks great so far, but the shading is not so great.  I'm not good with shading and if I ever host it up, help me or give me feed back on what I need to do.  


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01 July 2006 @ 01:16 am
So DSL will be cancel after Sunday and internet will be forever gone from Sunday forward.  This totally sucks because that would mean I won't have any connection with my friends through emails, writing in LJ or xanga, or get update notices from my favorite fan fic authors!  I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that Dad would continue letting us have interent even if it has to be netzero.  

Then today my aunt and I made a bet.  If I can wear skirts/dresses for three weeks starting off tomorrow, I get $100 and if I ever fail then I get to massage her hands for two weeks, thirty minutes each day.  I'm not use to wearing a skirt at all.  I feel really naked whenever I wear one so in my closet there is no skirt, except for a really old one.  I have two dresses and that's pretty much it.  That'll mean that I have to borrow some skirts from my sisters or buy my own skirts which I'm not really sure about.  I love my pants and I like them to cover my legs, but they're going to be gone for three weeks and that is like a LONG time.  It like two thirds of my summer vacation!  And plus I have summer courses to attend to and I don't like going out in a skirt!  It feels very think and makes me want to wear something besides an underwear underneath the skirt.  Don't you guys feel like that too?  

Well good bye pants and shorts, and hello to girly skirts borrow from my sister's tub. 

btw, has anyone seen Superman?  I'm hearing some good news and bad news from different people! 
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25 June 2006 @ 10:39 pm

I saw The Lake House and it was sweetly romantic and at one point, confusing.  There's a lot of DRAMA in there that's why its reated PG only (beware of that before you watch).  And a tip for anyone who's going to watch this movie, read a summary of it first because it'll get confusing as to who's in the past and who's in the present/future when the movie starts.  The main characters were talking a little about the book Persaussion by Jane Austen and it sounds pretty good.  Hehe, we'll see if I'll read it. 

I like Hyde, so whatever he likes, I like it too.  xD  yeah, crazy fan girls.  Remember what I wrote about Hyde's favorite manga?  Well, I'm currently getting myself indulge in it.  The movie Nana was better than I thought it would be.  I always thought that both Nanas slept with a lot of men and they don't keep their relationship straight.  But I found nothing in the movie about what I thought would be in there.  Punky Nana is awesome, and Hachi Nana is--er...dunno.  

I watched a Japanese horror movie with my aunt and sister and I it was a terrible one.  It wasn't scary except for the music and when a character was suppose to be kill, they don't show it.  The movie makes no sense whatsover and the only part that scared me was the last part.  That was when the main character girl's friend got killed by a car and ghosts appeared in the store.  Then there was this one other Japanese samurai movie that was suppose to be funny, and it was for some time, but then it dwindle down into stupid jokes, mistakes, and doings.  However, The Lovers, a chinese movie, was a teary-eye and romantic movie.  Well, you can say it's a tragedy/romance movie.  This is the third time I saw it, and first time I really understand the movie and actually cry for both of the lovers.  Yes, its an old Chinese movie, but still one of my favorite ones.  

eee, I can feel the AC and the fan going on!  Yes!  Our AC sucks but it was a little bit fixed yesterday, but if it doesn't work, we have the fan going on and working.  ^^  it was about 104 degrees celcious or farenheight today.  whoo, hotty. 

then...I'm going to download another Taiwanese drama call Reaching for the Stars.  This one is about three girls: one rich, one poor, and one is an average lady.  Each have their own problems and that's all i can tell you since I'm on the third episode only.  oh, yeah. all of them have the same birthdays and are the same age.  

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24 June 2006 @ 11:18 am

I hate it when people don't tell me that they are coming over or have plans to meet with me and they don't go along with the plans.  If they don't want to go along they could've given me a call!  

I was waiting for my cousins arrival until 3 A.M because they told me that they were going to come late since they were at a their uncle's party.  It was fine with me and internet was ther 24 hours on Friday nights so I didn't mind staying up 'till morning for them.  I waited, and waited...I was bored so I began to start pulling the sheets and beddings and make it for their arrival.  But Mom stopped me and said that they weren't coming over.  After all my excitement about their arrival, plus the phone call in the morning telling me that they are coming for sure, I was shock, angered, and not so happy about what I heard. 

I was not so angry about the coming over part, I was angery for the part that they didn't call me and tell that they couldn't make it, nor did they talk to <i>both<i/> of their parents before deciding to come over.  Thus they made me waste my time staying up really late in the moring for their arrival.  Plus, Molly didn't do or say anything!!  I want that exercise movie badly.  The ones I have right now are not so effective as the one I forgot to bring back with me.  grrr.  

What they could've done: 

A)  Call my aunt's cell because her schedul changed
B)  Come with my parents
C) Talk to their parent<U>s</u>  before telling me
D)  let me know

 I thought they were coming over so I made some change of plans with my friends.  My friends and I were supposed to meet with each other on Sunday, and because I thought they were coming, I changed our meeting until next week.  darn it!  I miss them so much too.  I really, really, want someone I haven't seen for almost a week to come over to sleep over and that just seem impossible. 

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23 June 2006 @ 01:44 pm
I didn't realize that Kenshin's b-day has already pass.  *cries*  I wanted to celebrate that in LJ, but unfortunately it passed and its already the 23rd.  Pooo.  I thought his birthday would be in July or was that Kaour's?  Lol.  I dunno.  

besdies that, I found out that Hyde, the lead singer in L'Arc~En~Ciel (who sang the first opeing song to Fullmetal Alchemist) likes to read the Harry Potter series and his favorite manga is Nana.  XD  yeah, I'm in love with his voice and go through magazine looking about his info. 
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